1. SPARK PLUG worn or dirty- wear or carbon build-up will result in start-up failure.   Recommendation: Change yearly

2. OLD FUEL- old fuel left in the tank is the major source of particle build-up and gunk that produces clogging and corrosion of the carburetor and fuel filter              Recommendation: Use fresh fuel every 30 days or run the fuel out of the tank after each use and especially at the end of the season when storing to prevent condensation build-up & rust

3. AIR FILTER OBSTRUCTION- If your air filter is congested it won’t be able to suck enough air into the combustion chambers and the engine will get too much gas and not enough air causing the engine to run rough and a loss of power.                   Recommendation: Clean it out with a compressor or replace it each season

4. BATTERY FAILURE- The life span of a riding mower battery is about four years. As it ages, it may fail to hold a charge for very long. A riding mower battery should hold a charge for 3-4 weeks when the mower is not in use. An older battery that only stays charged for 1-2 weeks is likely ready to fail completely                                Recommendation: A fully charged battery at the start of each season or replacement

5. LACK OF ENGINE OIL CARE- Routinely checking and changing the oil- Regular yearly seasonal maintenance along with engine oil care significantly prevents the most common causes of start-up failures     Recommendation- Yearly Seasonal Tune-Ups